Our Community.

West St. Paul is an amazing place to live. Our neighbors are from different backgrounds, involved in different things, and live here for a variety of reasons. I love this diversity and it’s one of the main reasons I want to represent Ward 3 on City Council.

  • We need to increase awareness and citizen engagement, which requires proactive outreach, and being available to our residents.
  • I want to provide accessible open forums and other channels for residents to give feedback, ask questions and understand what’s happening in their city.
  • It’s important that our City Council engages the community on a regular basis. Councilmembers need to continue regularly engaging the public long after campaigning ends. We can’t hide behind our desks in City Hall.

We live here together and we should work on building this community stronger together.



Our current City Council doesn’t adequately represent our diverse population, leaving many groups of people unrepresented in our local government.

  • It’s important for women to have a part in local government.
  • We need to improve accessibility in our parks and on our sidewalks, provide city communications in the languages spoken in West St. Paul, and engage with our neighbors even when they don’t look like us.
  • Our city continues to grow in diversity, we have one of the largest aging populations in Dakota County and we’re seeing more young families choose West St. Paul as a place to call home.

Celebrating the diversity of each of us is important.



We work hard for our money and we want to know where it goes. We need more councilmembers who are willing to partner with local and state representatives to ask for assistance in paying down debts like the one we’ve incurred with Robert Street’s construction.  With our proximity to downtown St. Paul and the Vikings’ new practice facility, we need to make West St. Paul an appealing place that attracts revenue. We have to be careful about how we spend our money while continuing to improve our infrastructure to attract new residents and businesses. With a proactive approach in entities like Dakota County or the Met Council, we can examine how to approach our economic future and give people more reasons to visit. We have to be smart and do it in a way that makes sense for the people and businesses that pay taxes.



West St. Paul is more than a city. It’s a place where getting to know our neighbors makes it feel like home. We’re five square miles of homes and businesses, with 15 well-maintained and frequently used city parks.

  • The River-to-River Greenway is continuing to make progress, but the longer it stays unfinished, the more West St. Paul misses out on a safe and accessible way for people to navigate from one side of the city to the other. We have more than $2 million in state grant money waiting to be used for this project and we’re positioned to benefit in many ways once this project is complete.
  • We finished Robert Street improvements and have seen new businesses pop up, with more in the works.
  • Dodge Nature Center is an incredible gem.
  • Recently, the community passed the District 197 bond referendum.

Our city is changing and growing in a way that’s making it more appealing and attractive to people looking for a place to call home and a place to open a business. We need to keep that momentum going. We should be proud of the place we call home and want to invite other people to live, work and play here with us.



We get to determine our future. We really do. I want to hear where you want West St. Paul to go and where you don’t want it to go. We have a lot of potential where we’re at right now, and people are becoming more and more engaged every day. Let’s move West St. Paul into the future together in a way that makes all of us proud to live here.