Wedding Agreement Kaskus

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Then, wedding movies often add cultural elements of the groom`s and the wife`s family, allowing the audience to find new knowledge about the film. Not only about romance, wedding movies can also be considered part of the grouping of melodramas and women`s movies. Sometimes wedding movies also add the dark, funny and political side of each player`s plot and character. Thanks to wedding films, we, as viewers, can also compare our habits and attitudes with others. For example, if you look at how values such as religious doctrine, the essence of consumerism, patriarchy, and romanticism attempt to appear in the film (Coztanzo, 2014, p. 129). Indonesia pretty much offers wedding movie treats. One of them is the film Wedding Agreement (2019) by Eria Chuzaimiah with Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari. Literacy culture is not only a culture of reading and writing, but culture has access to information in different media. Thus, the literacy culture will emerge even if students use their devices to obtain journals, articles, cutting-edge information and e-books from various library networks. Information is quickly obtained for the purpose of completing tasks or writing theses. In YouTube media, there are also many learning presentations in different areas of science.

When students get the most out of it. The obstacle, we sometimes get stuck, we lose, we try to immerse ourselves in other things. For example, we first want to get articles that are relevant to the tasks of the speakers, but because we find popular posts about celebrities, politicians or WhatsApp messages from friends, the intention to get articles is eventually forgotten. Not to mention that when quotas and impulses go away when there are no hot spots around us, we end up feeling like the loneliest people in the world. As I said above, these general wedding films try to insert the culture of the families of the groom and the bride. Literature in the digital age is literature whose distribution media are digital, so they can be enjoyed digitally. .