Participation Agreement Jao

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This page describes all the changes made to our auctions as a result of Brexit. The following table is a superior registration process as an IFA & IFA2 customer. Two processes are available, depending on whether you only want to buy capacity (not nominated) or buy and nominate capacity. Please complete all yellowed sections using the guidance comments in the example. The commercial capacities of interconnectors shall be calculated to take into account the physical capacity of the transmission networks. The capacity calculation methods for each region are available on the REGSO-E website. They are calculated at least according to annual, monthly, day-ahead and intraday deadlines and according to the methods developed by Capacity Calculation Region (CCR): NTC or river approach. A CNT is the maximum trade exchange program that can exist between two countries, taking into account operational safety rules and technical uncertainties related to future network conditions. These provisions apply to all limits (detail in the rules for assigning the limit concerned). Registration is simple, so contact our team of professional, reliable and dedicated customers today.

BritNed has developed a day Ahead explicit auction that will take place daily on the Joint Allocation Office`s (JAO) eCAT platform. . . .