Bonus Pay Agreement

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The amount of bonuses offered to the head of the work group is approved by the head of the organization (with or without adaptation). For half of the month following the month following the reference month, the heads of the work group must provide the head of the organisation, no later than the third day of the month following the following month, with the following information on the amount of the proposed bonuses: Annual bonuses (bonuses) are paid to the staff of the undertaking, depending on the achievement of certain indicators provided for and/or the achievement of certain indicators provided for in the framework for the implementation of economic activities during a calendar year. The list of these indicators, their impact on the calculation of the bonus and the payment decision are determined at THE DISCRETION OF FIRMA on the basis of data from FIRMA`s financial systems. If you are a salesperson (inside or outside), commissions are usually a good part of your salary. These are often referred to as bonuses, but are distinguished from other bonuses by the fact that they are directly related to your sales figures and, in general, not to anything else. Some companies limit the total turnover bonus that a single employee can receive. If a template of the bonuses and material incentives policy is used for LLC employees to create a local share of the company, it will greatly simplify the process. 13. Once the annual accounts are successful (beneficiaries), the annual bonuses may be paid to employees and managers of work collectives. The amount of the annual premiums may not exceed their average monthly salary during the reference year. 1.2. The retention bonus is paid within [number] days of the year-end period applicable to each bonus. (i) Calculation of bonuses.

The Company will base the premium amount on the ratio of actual EBITDA for a year to budgeted EBITDA, as defined by the Board of Directors for that fiscal year. If the actual EBITDA corresponds to the budgeted EBITDA for a financial year, the bonus corresponds to an amount of 60% of the base salary of the then manager, the bonus increasing by an amount equal to 2% of the base salary for each $1 million, whose actual EBITDA exceeds the budgeted EBITDA for such a financial year, provided that: that the bonus for a financial year does not in any case exceed 400,000 $US (or the base salary of the manager, the base salary must be increased as indicated here). The annual bonus is paid to employees for an incomplete calendar year of their work at FIRMA according to the following rules: a bonus structure, often available in distribution organizations, consists of rewarding sales performance at certain levels above the commission. Some distribution organizations reward employees with commission-free bonuses. For each bonus indicator, the amount of the bonus can reach 10% of the employee`s salary, calculated in piece rate, tariff rates (unless otherwise stated above). The specific amount of the bonus for each incentive for an employee is determined by the director of the work collective; In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee`s salary consists of the main part and incentive payments that are bonuses….