Alur Cerita Film Wedding Agreement

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The message contained in the history of the marriage agreement, which is to behave well towards one`s partner, not to play with marriage, and if it is linked to the marriage rope, must be committed and responsible. Also, choose a partner for four things, their wealth, offspring, face, and religion. However, we must put his religion first. Bian didn`t like it when Aldi came to deliver goods into the house. Dancing and she fights a little, but when she goes to the movies with Ami, Bian invites her “nicely” while watching a movie together at home. It`s better #dirumahaja hahaha. In the film, there is a kissing scene that Tari touches embarrassingly and until she closes her eyes with her hands. It was from there that Bian finally understood Tari`s innocence, especially since he had worn the hijab a long time ago. Then Bian dragged him into the room. .