Afplanserv Salary Reduction Agreement

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Accounts payable linked to former employers should not be used for contributions to Federal Way. Federal Way allows you to contribute to up to 3 different providers. If you are replacing/replacing a previous salary reduction agreement or if you are starting/starting a new salary reduction contract, you must select at least one supplier. If this is one of the 5 forms to submit as a group to set up an active place for a new supplier, select “Other” in the pulldown field and write the supplier`s name on the printed version of the form (all 5 forms must be sent to CCC). By entering your information in the fillable form below, and then clicking on the “Generate a printable SRA form” button, you generate a printable salary reduction form that must be printed, signed by you and then sent to Federal Way with the documentation, that you have created an account with each selected supplier: NoneAIG Retirement (ex VALIC) American FundsAmeripriseASPireEquitable (AXA Equitable Annuities) FidelityFranklin TempletonHorace Homme Invesco OppenheimerFundsLincol InvestmentPenselect/ Foresters FinancialReliaStar Life Insurance Company Security AdvantageVanguard Waddell & Reed / Ivy Funds Zurich American / KemperAnderes By clicking on the button below, a printable PDF form is created, filled in with the information entered above.