Postnuptial Agreement Austin Tx

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A marital agreement can be established to accomplish many things. It can protect an inheritance for the children of a parent who has a second marriage. It can protect the fortune of a person who marries later in life. It can ensure that a family business remains in the hands of the family members of origin. A marital agreement can prevent marital disputes over ownership of the property and provide rest for any spouse. At first, we will discuss your reasons for finding a marriage agreement and your goals. We can provide you with an agreement or review a proposed agreement. We can negotiate improvements in a proposed agreement with your future spouse`s lawyer. Our family lawyers can also develop or review a post-uptial agreement. These agreements cover framework issues similar to those of marital agreements and are used to indicate how assets should be distributed in the event of divorce. The biggest difference is that these agreements arise after the couple has already married, not before. This type of agreement is commonly used when a couple has difficulties in marriage, but wants to work towards reconciliation, or when they have experienced financial pressures from an external source.

Evans Law Group provides legal services for married couples in Austin and throughout Texas who want to keep some independent assets when they marry. For more than 17 years, our lawyers have practiced exclusively family law and are very sensitive to the sensitive subject of prenup or post-nup agreements. Postnuptial Agreement: a similar legal agreement that establishes ownership of assets, but created and agreed after you are already married. A party may challenge a post-marriage conversion agreement on the basis that it did not sign it or that it was signed under duress. In addition, a spouse may challenge a postmarital conversion agreement on the basis that he or she has not received fair and equitable disclosure of the effects and consequences of the transformation. A family lawyer in Austin can also help clients who wish to use a post-marriage agreement to convert separate property into common property.